Session 167: Quick wins for engaging students – what are your most effective strategies?

Thursday 5th September 2013

Date: Thursday 5th September 2013

Host: Jon Tait @TeamTait

“Quick wins for engaging students – what are your most effective strategies?” Images below were shared during the session.

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Discussion Summary

#UKedchat Discussion Summary – Quick Wins for Engaging Students
With teachers all around the country getting their new timetables and new classes this week, it was a great time to explore the best practical strategies to engage your new students. With a wealth of experience and enthusiasm taking part in the #ukedchat discussions every week, we were sure to be able to provide teachers of all experience levels, with some new tricks to try.
The discussion started off by asking the title question – ‘What are your best quick wins for engaging students’? Responses were imaginative and diverse, with nearly all of them being generic strategies that could be employed in any subject and any key stage – perfect for this forum.
After the opening question we then moved on to some more specific questions, trying to get our #ukedchaters to try and be more specific with their strategies. Questions such as:
Do you have any strategies for hard to reach boys?
Do you employ any different strategies for FSM students or any other significant sub groups?
How do you engage students straight after lunch?
Do you find any days of the week more difficult to engage students?

Conversations continued to excite and enthuse people, who were chomping at the bit to try some of these strategies in their own classrooms.

As we neared the end of the discussion, we ended with 3 big questions:

What is your number 1 starter activity for engaging students as soon as they walk through your door?
What is the 1 routine in your classroom that you couldn’t live without?
Which top tip from tonight’s discussion are you going to use tomorrow?

It was great to see lots of people highlighting some ideas that they had just picked up and that they were going to use in their classroom the very next day!

Even though it was the first week back for most and that there were probably a lot of tired minds out there, it certainly didn’t show. The energy, enthusiasm, imagination and creativity that poured into a one hour rapid fire CPD session was a joy to see. If this is the future of education in our country, then our children are in safe hands!

Notable Tweets:
@teachertonytips Engaging question on a slip of paper given to kids in the queue outside classroom
@gceyre A Mystery – keep the students guessing and wanting to find out more
@with_ict Must work harder after assembly. Kids hold it together during and are often in need of an active exciting task afterwards
@with_ict After lunch register, response is giving a number out of 10 to show mood/feeling. It gives a good indication of playground drama
@georgeEblack After lunch, sympathise with them (who isn’t sleepy after lunch) have shorter tasks prepared, plan accordingly, build in down time

Tweet of the Week:
@ReachPsychology Be mindful that some Friday afternoon non-engagement behaviours are not about your lesson. Not every pupil loves the weekend!

About Your Host
Jon Tait @TeamTait is a senior leader in education and assistant head teacher at Woodham Academy in County Durham. Jon was an London 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer and writes his own education blog at

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