Session 171: After Gove: What has the profession gained and learnt?

Thursday 3rd October 2013

-Date: Thursday 3rd October 2013

Host: Debbie Ferrer @debsgf

After Gove: What has the profession gained and learnt? What will be Gove’s legacy? Does this have an impact on UK education policies?

Discussion Summary
The session opened with a question: what positive aspects has Gove brought to the teaching profession. Reactions were mixed. @stephwelsford stated that in a strange way Gove had galvanised the profession who now joined together in agreement at the lack of support for this policies.

This feeling was also supported by @boogiebeebie and @LeavUrImge2FDP, who both agreed that it has allowed them to feel an new sense of responsibility in the classroom and unified teachers together.

@oldandrewuk disagreed and stated that Michael Gove was the first Education Secretary in years who actually listened to teachers. Stating that Gove discusses the things teachers argue about the most, such as dumbed-down exams, silly teaching methods and behaviour.

Change was then commented upon. The main focus being the rapid pace and uncertainty of change @sumi1998, (a parent) stated that she was sick of the constant changes in education and stated that it was concerning for parents as well as teachers too. @GeographyCarrie, a Geography teacher also stated that “”the pace of change was the issue when it happens so fast we can’t adjust to it. I’ve been teaching 5yrs and had 3 curriculum changes…too much””, which was a view supported by most of the teachers contributing to the chat.

The chat moved on to look at teacher reactions to Gove and whether profession should react to him in a different way. @DanSeanClayton said no, because he doesn’t seem to want to listen or engage with the profession. @A_Simon disagreed and stated that even though he didn’t agree with everything, he respected Gove because he is a no nonsense speaker. However, @FrancisPersonae stated that Gove doesn’t use rationality, merely its veneer. He’s a sophist & ideologue imposing neo-liberal hogwash onto education.

Academies, the use of unqualified teachers and unions were also commented upon. The idea that union support should surely be at a peak due to the current educational environment.@day_tom said that Gove had managed to unit the NASUWT and NUT in protest at PRP. @mattpearson stated that Gove’s desired legacy to the teaching profession is to destroy it as a profession and then stated why else would he allow untrained teachers in schools?

The discussion’s final points looked at Gove’s legacy. There were many comments. @emmaannhardy sited the evidence that 6000 qualified teachers had left the profession in the last three years. Interestingly, @AweePT stated that Gove’s legacy, along with many current Tory politicians, may be as a significant catalyst in a Scottish ‘yes’ vote in the Scottish referendum next year.

Final points returned to our students. The last from @scjmcd who had some words of wisdom for Mr. Gove “”Think of the students before your need to make a mark. Listen to those in it for the long term and have the experience””.

Notable Tweets
?@emmaannhardy: Gove’s legacy: 10% drop in Uni applications from English pupils due to trebling Uni fees

@A_Simon: #Gove Gave a magnificent performance on #bbcqt last week. One of, only a few Tories with common sense.

@BeckyCheAbas: Bring back all schools into local authority & democratic control. Bye bye academies, free schools & Toby Young.

@oldandrewuk: #ukedchat This is what’s changed under Gove. The education establishment can no longer brush things under the carpet. If something comes up that they don’t want the public to know about, they can fume & spin & say they are the experts. But they can’t kill it.

?@cyclingkev: #ukedchat Gove’s legacy: Teacher strike, poet laureate angry, allegations of cheating, pupil places crisis, Schools Direct failing.

Tweet of the Week
@FrancisPersonae: Gove doesn’t use rationality, merely its veneer. He’s a sophist & ideologue imposing neo-liberal hogwash onto education. #ukedchat

About your Host
@debsgf is an experienced English teacher and Strategic Leader at a secondary school in North West London. She enjoys networking with other teachers on Twitter and sharing good ideas and pedagogy.

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