Classroom Activity - Choices

Below are some images which can support tutor time, circle time, philosophical thinking, or to prompt a classroom discussion with pupils. The choices within this activity should be challenged by the teacher/group by asking the individuals to justify their decision.

Simple questions such as,

  • “Why did you choose that one?”;
  • “How did you come to that decision?”;
  • “What is the first thing you would do if you were granted your choice?”;
  • “How could you make the world a better place with the choice you have decided?”;

…and so on!

Beyond the speaking and listening opportunities, this is a great activity to set for pupils to complete at home with parents, siblings or carers. Share the link, and set the task, provoking creative thinking with the example questions above.

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The ability to fly or the ability to read minds?

Master every instrument or master every sport?

All the money in the world or all the time in the world?

Become a ninja or become a pirate?

Travel 200 years in the past or 200 years to the future?

Live in Harry Potter’s world or live in Lord of the Rings world?

The ability to talk to animals or the ability to speak any language fluently?


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