Book Review: The Little Book of Monarchs (Tony Boullemier)

Many primary schools in England are preparing themselves for the new National Curriculum, with much anxiety, debate and concern focused on the planned History curriculum. Not many will argue that exploring the history of the monarchy is necessary, but with so many placed on the throne since William The Conqueror seized his opportunity in 1066. One of the main challenges for teachers, parents and pupils is to get a grip of the tales in a memorable way which will engage children.

Tony Boullemier has come up with a possible solution in his book, “The Little Book of Monarchs” which explores each ruler since 1066, offering interesting, digestible and humorous facts on all Kings and Queens right up to the present(ish) day. Written in chronological order (yay), each monarch is given their own page, with Boullemier only allowing 5 listed facts for each one. The former Fleet Street journalist paired up with illustrator Adrian Teal to comically represent each sovereign with an amusing image representative of that particular period.

This book is great for educators as well as pupils, as it allows the reader to brush up on the basic facts of the monarchy in a readable, digestible manner of which will be welcomed in schools across the Kingdom!

Link -> The Book is currently £5.75* available at AmazonUK.

*Price correct at time of publication

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