Article: Why is the UK falling behind in Education?

With the release of the PISA scores causing upset, arguments and discourse about the state of the education systems in many countries across the globe, Yetunde Adediran – founder and educational research engineer, creator of OpenVirtualSTEM – asks, “how do we prevent the UK’s position from slipping and be successful at the next Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa)?”

In the blog article on the UK Edition of The Huffington Post, Adediran argues:

Consequently, it’s time the UK stops the blame game, and get down to the root cause of failing to make the top 20 for maths, reading or science. Hence, urging as many children to get involved with play-based activities within mathematics, reading and science, as it’s central to their early childhood learning.

Another area, in defining the possible causes of decline in the standing of UK education is the role and interest parents take in their child’s education:

There’s a general view, that, parents in these countries have a belief in placing, education first – whether their education system works or not, they are willing to go elsewhere for the best. These parents are ready to invest (with or without money) in a child as early – we rarely see it happening in the UK, instead we rely too much on the education system.

Is there too much pressure and emphasis placed on schools and teachers in the education of the child, where the interest, impact and pressure from parents can be very different for each individual child.

(The) UK should be aiming for transformation

Whether the changes that are happening within all UK countries are going to have an impact on the next set of PISA scores will be justification for various Education Ministers to argue their policies are a move in the right direction. Click here to read the full article on The Huffington Post. Open Virtual Stem are on twitter at @OpenVirtualSTEM.

Image Source & Article via Global Times.

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