Session 182: End of term report: sharing successes and learning from failures

Thursday 19th December, 2013

Date: Thursday 19th December, 2013.

Hosted: @dailydenouement.

Topic: End of term report: sharing successes and learning from failures.

Session Summary

Ah yes, the last #ukedchat of the autumn term. It was always going to be a tough gig, as most teachers were either already de-mob happy or winding down for their last day. However, although the chat may have been quieter than usual, there were, as always, some excellent ideas being shared.

So, let’s start with people’s best bits: @englishlulu was proud of her reading for pleasure unit of work; @shaun_allison shared a link to his school’s blog where all success are shared;

There were several ideas about marking. I shared my recently adopted technique of asking pupils to only write on the right hand page in their books. This leaves me with much more space for a meaningful marking dialogue and opportunity for individual directed improvement and reflection time (D.I.R.T.) @School_LN shared his ingenious idea of marking speech bubbles – see tweet of the week below for more details. @Hodders129 shared his idea for capturing student whiteboard work with a camera and then printing mini versions of the captured work to stick in students’ books. Simple but no doubt effective!

@SubLeadICT and @jillberry102 discussed the difficulty in creating and sustaining a culture of effective reflection in schools. Are we more willing to bemoan our failures than celebrate our success for fear of being thought arrogant or show-offy? Several people shared the ways their schools have worked to create that culture, from coaching trios to staff focus groups and @shaun_allison’s 15-minute forums. @nohandsup shared their weekly raffle idea. I liked the idea of encouraging staff to share ideas in this way.

As always, I was impressed with people’s willingness to share ideas and tips. Even at the end of a tough term, the teachers of twitter were reflecting on their own practice and seeking out ways to be better for next term.

(And on a personal level, I think I’d quite like to work at @shaun_allison’s school!)

Notable Tweets

@dailydenouement: I have started to ask pupils to write only on the right hand page in their books. Leaves space for marking dialogue & DIRT #ukedchat

@shaun_allison: All of our successes as a school are shared here #ukedchat

@debsgf: Saw this on Twitter and used it as reflection and setting targets for 2014 with my Year 11s today #ukedchat

@Hodders129: #ukedchat photographing student collaboration on the white board to capture learning that would be wiped away!

@englishlulu: #ukedchat 19 very weak readers, read 41 books in six weeks. We did mini lessons, followed by reading every time. Worked!

@SubLeadICT: Unless there is a well established ethos & confidence in staff sharing, it is hard for staff to be open and share? #ukedchat

@bekblayton: Start with a ‘nominate something someone else has done’ for five mins every staff meeting #ukedchat

@syded06:Could I direct you to this #ukedchat “@riley_ed: 1:1 learning & the feedback loop””

@jillberry102: #ukedchat Think staff often share good ideas within depts, but need a mechanism for doing this more strategically ACROSS depts?

@KingduncanKing: I really like this from @headguruteacher #ukedchat

@shaun_allison: #ukedchat Weekly forums (every Thursday) where staff meet and share good ideas – in 15 minutes.

@shaun_allison: #ukedchat Lots of great marking strategies on @atharby ‘s brilliant blog

@ICTmagic: I hated writing out a lesson evaluation every day when I trained many years ago. But gave time to reflect. #ukedchat

@nohandsup: We share every week via staff email. All shared entries go into weekly prize draw. #ukedchat

@garycorbett7: Agree sharing failure is good & shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. It can improve performance collectively #ukedchat

@jillberry102: Ask students what they feel has worked for them & then all staff report back on 1 thing students mentioned? #ukedchat

@PrepSchHead: We have focus sessions & offered staff the option to host a ‘pop-up INSET’ anytime, all can contrib #ukedchat

@Anti_Nic: improve the staff work room to be a place to chat, meet and share. I’d improve systems for sharing resources #ukedchat

@TillyTeacher: we’re in learning triads to look at good practice; no grading/judgment. We use question/feeling/favourite #ukedchat

Because who amongst us hasn’t fallen foul of the procrastination trap that is Twitter…

@jillberry102: #ukedchat Have also learnt this term about the dangers of spending time tweeting when I need to be getting on with other things…

Tweet of the Week

However, the tweet which seems to have caused the biggest reaction was this marvellously simple but seemingly effective idea from…

@School_LN: got staff using speech bubbles to encourage dialogue in marking #ukedchat

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Currently Head of Year 12 at a south Liverpool comprehensive. About to take on the role of acting Head of English in January and very excited about that challenge. I’ve been teaching for almost six years and, government interference aside, I enjoy (almost!) every moment!

Session 182 – End of term report: sharing successes and learning from failures

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