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KeyStageFun have released a new iPad/Android Mathematical App to add to their portfolio of great literacy and numeracy apps, supporting pupils at primary/elementary school.

SMR-IconEntitiled, Squeebles Maths Race, the game allows for two-pupils to pitch against each other, as well as having a one player mode. The app allows siblings of different ages, or children of varying mathematical ability, to have a fair race against one another, each being tested on a choice of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions at the level that’s just right for them. The race takes place on in the Rushing River on Squeeble Island, where Squeebles ride on flipfish. Like all of their apps, it contains no in-app purchase or third party advertising.  Scroll down to see more apps, but this new app is priced at £1.49* available from GooglePlay, or the Apple App Store, by click the icon below.

Squeebles provide a great bank of education apps, which have been developed for iPad/iPhone and Android devices, being a great addition of resource available for the primary/elementary school classroom. Here, we feature and review six of the most popular apps which support the teaching and learning of maths and literacy/English skills. Click on any of the titles below to see what we think about each app:

  1. Squeebles Times Tables 2
  2. Squeebles Spelling Test
  3. Squeebles Maths Bingo
  4. Squeebles Addition & Subtraction
  5. Squeebles Fractions
  6. Squeebles Word Search

Squeebles Times Tables 2 – £1.49* – iPad Link / Android Link / Kindle Fire.

This app helps pupils practice times tables in the a fun and interactive way possible with this latest version of a popular times tables app. During the gameplay pupils can help Whizz rescue the Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Maths Monster. Earn a multitude of rewards and turns on a great mini-game by doing well in your times tables.

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Squeebles Spelling Test – £1.49* – iPad Link / Android Link.

Squeebles Spelling Test allows you to set up completely personalised spelling tests for your children, giving them the opportunity to practice in a fun, interactive way. Complete customisation of spelling tests for your children, three test modes, and an engaging mini game kids get to play as a reward for doing well in their spellings make this app a fun and effective way of helping children with their weekly spelling lists or general spelling practice. Can also be used for practising languages.

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Squeebles Maths Bingo – £1.49* – iPad Link / Android Link / Kindle Fire.

The Maths Monster has been at it again! This time he’s frightened all Ruby’s customers away from her ice cream and bingo parlour and has stolen all the ice cream ingredients.

By answering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems in a fun bingo card game, help Ruby get her ingredients back and convince the 24 Squeeble customers to return.

Stats are available for each player so parents and teachers can see how they’re doing.

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Squeebles Addition & Subtraction – £1.49* – iPad Link / Android Link / Kindle Fire.

By answering addition and subtraction questions across a variety of game modes and difficulty settings, you can free the 24 Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Maths Monster as well as earn turns on a fun mini-game as a reward for doing well in your maths tests.

Customisation – Difficulty levels can be switched off or on, on a per-child basis, so older children can’t just earn lots of rewards for answering beginner-level questions and beginners won’t get demoralised by being shown complex sums.

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Squeebles Fractions – £1.49* – iPad Link / Android Link / Kindle Fire.

Perfect for 7 to 11 year olds, the Squeebles are here to help your children practice their fractions in a fun, colourful way, with cakes!!! Featuring 4 mini games, a great reward scheme involving cakes (and we all love cakes), several difficulty levels and unlimited players this Squeebles game will make the task of learning fractions a LOT more fun.

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Squeebles Word Search – £1.49* – iPad Link / Android Link / Kindle Fire.

Perfect for 5 to 11 year olds, the Squeebles are here again to help your child recognise and learn key spelling words whilst having great fun at the same time in Squeebles Word Search.

Combining children’s natural love of word puzzles with the colourful Squeebles environment and a great reward system, your children will love using this app over and over again. The app features nearly 1000 built in words and allows you to add your own so as to personalise the app for your children.

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*Prices correct at time of publication.

Updated 18 June 2014.


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