News: Teachers are revered (in China)

2567774925_1ab7cd677aThe BBC reported that teachers in China are the most respected in a comparison of 21 countries world wide. The research, via Varkey GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Status Index, placed the UK in tenth position, which matches the PISA ranking. The 2013 study also compareed the average pay of teachers across the 21 countries, with teachers in Singapore being paid the most – on average US$45,755 – with UK teachers being paid a comparative average of US$33,377. Teachers in the USA earn, on average, US$44,917.

Writing in the report, Professor Peter Dolton stated:

We find that there are major differences across countries in the way teachers are perceived by the
public. This informs who decides to become a teacher in each country, how they are respected and
how they are financially rewarded. This affects the kind of job they do in teaching our children, and
ultimately how effective they are in getting the best from their pupils in terms of their learning.

Click on the image below to see the full table (page 13 pdf) and to read the full report:


Read Martin Burrett’s feature on how the Chinese Education system works in the first issue of the UKEd Magazine by clicking here.

The following infographics, available from Varkey, help visualise the findings, and are available to download from their website:


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  1. I taught in China for many years and I can vouch for this. Teaching is one of the most thought after in China. Acquiring knowledge/skills is thought of as the most important thing in life, a idea compounded by the teachings of Confucius. Those who can past on knowledge/skills well are held in high esteem. To this day, those considered knowledgeable or highly skills are referred to师傅 or master.

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