Education App: Zu3D for iPad

Zu3D - Click image to view in Apple App Store.
Zu3D – Click image to view in Apple App Store.

One of the main problems for teachers wanting to implement stop-frame animation into their teaching and learning session is TIME!!! The process can be very time consuming: story planning; creating background animations; creating the figurines for the story; the stop-frame process itself; adding audio; adding titles; evaluating – aarrgghhh – it is understandable why so many teachers shy away from the process. Thanks to advancing technological processes, apps, and ease-of-use, the option to implement a stop-frame movie is now more accessible, especially with Zu3D which has clearly been built with simplicity at the heart. For those who do not have access to iPad, the company has a great web-cam studio package also available which includes pre-designed backgrounds, green-screen fabric, software, and 8 colours of NewPlast plasticine (for further details, click here to see the web-cam product).

We found that the iPad app was very easy to use, and very accessible for children with cleanly designed buttons on the screen, with the audio input, titles and previewing easily mastered – the in-app video tutorial is also very useful, concise and reassuring. Yes, the planning (storyboarding) process is still required, but due to the simple nature of this app, the actual stop-frame process is not a painful process with Zu3D, and can be a great education app in any educators digital tool-kit.

Zu3D is available for iPad, priced £4.99*, and available to view in the Apple App Store by clicking here, or the logo below:


*Price correct at date of publication.

Updated 05 February 2014.

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