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As a teacher, it is sometimes difficult to stop, think and reflect. With the business of each school day – the planning, the paperwork, the marking, the paperwork, the meetings, the paperwork, the classroom management, the paperwork, the assessments, the paperwork – it can be virtually impossible to find time to stop and think; did we mention the obstacles of all the paperwork?

In his book “Thinking Teacher”, Oliver Quinlan reminisces that if we want our pupils to grow into thinking adults, they need thinking teachers to help in that development, although working with students can be an exciting experience which saps energy like nothing else. Quinlan takes the reader on a reflective journey exploring many aspects of education and the art of teaching, concluding that young people need teachers who can give them access to a great plethora of knowledge, gaining the knowledge through further thinking, and not just accepting the first search engine answer as the pinnacle of their explorations.

In order to progress, we must philosophise about learning, question traditional practice and be resourceful in providing solutions for better education. The only way the education system can improve standards and be at its best is by ensuring that those who govern it don’t stop thinking about it! Innovation is the key to our progress as individuals and society as a whole. This is an enlightening book that reminds educational professionals to stop, think, and to encourage their pupils to stop and think, especially in a society where the pace of change, life and interaction can appear relentless.

Thinking Teacher is published by Independent Thinking Press, with an RRP of £16.99. Click on the Amazon link below to view the book, where it is available for Kindle priced at £10.19*

*Prices correct at time of article publication.

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