Session 188: Are plans to extend the school day feasible?

Above image via @School_LN
Above image via @School_LN

Session Title: Are plans to extend the school day feasible?

Host: Martin Burrett


I’ve hosted UKedchat many times how and participated in even more, and there has always been some debate and exchange of apposing views amongst professionals. However, on this occasion the idea to extend the school day was universally condemned from everyone that I could see.

Where there was some debate was about how to spend the extra time, if the government pressed ahead with these changes. It sounds like most people where in favour of moving their sports provision to later and ask coaches to cover the time. UKedchatters didn’t seem to oppose teaching small booster groups and many people seemed to already do this. The problems arise if the time became compulsory and this bespoke time with small groups may be unworkable if all children needed be taught.

Many participates cited that their number on concern was that the children would simply burn out by an additional few hours at school. Discussion participants were concerned that outside school clubs would still continue, but pushed back to later in the evenings, making for tired children.
Another big concern was funding. Extra hours of working would require more staff and even the idea of shift work was proposed. Extra hours means extra cash in a myriad of ways, and most discussion participants were not optimistic.

As we all know, more this not always better. Giving children the choice to attend club or booster sessions is part of what most schools already offer, but compulsory extra classes is a blunt instrument, where personalisation to mean the needs of the children is the best way to improve education. It’s not the extra lessons that count, it’s what you do with them.

As usual, the devil will be in the detail.

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@Cowlyowl: how do children in Finland go to school for so few hours but always score highly? #ukedchat

@Yallsop: My kids told me about this today. They said, they are already tired. But who listens to them or us anyway:) #ukedchat

@bobharrisonset: @ICTmagic #ukedchat Extend school day by ensuring all families have connectivity, children devices and teachers skills to support online?

Tweet of the Week:

@Jackieschneider: I think nonsense re 12 hr school day is to soften the blow when STRB report back with horrific recommendations on PPA etc #ukedchat

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Martin Burrett (@ICTmagic) is a primary teacher in Essex and is an advocate for using digital technology to improve teaching and learning in schools. He founded the ICTmagic educational resource website. He is also editor of @UKEDmag and is a co-administrator for UKedchat.


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