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Finding different activities to keep pupils developing their skills is always on a teachers radar as keeping children focused on a task can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are app developers who are also trying to find innovative ways to help the learning process, and Words Go-Round for iPad is certainly one app that can help children learn spell words which fall within the categories on the app - Animal Kingdom; Countries; Guess the brand; Cartoon Characters; What’s the Sport; Musical Instruments; and Good Words.

Created by an Indie developer based in Israel, Gil Weiss develops educational and fun game apps for children and families in English and Hebrew, being inspired by her nieces and nephews who love playing word games and liked playing guess the picture games. Speaking to UKEdChat, Weiss declared…

“I thought it might be lots of fun to create a word app that you need to guess the word on topics you like. In addition I love playing word games and scrabble and I thought this kind of game where the words go-round could be a fun twist to words games.”

Future plans for the app are being considered, with the ability to: Enable the user to select if the words go-round or stand still; Enable the user to select if the words are in a circle or scattered; adding own word lists; and possibly creating a version for different grade levels where it would include different topics based on the grade level and the words would be fit to the kids age and also include for example sight words, words kids need to know by different year groups.

The app only runs in portrait mode, and with the promise of these future developments, this certainly is an education app which can be used individually, or with small groups - challenging pupils to develop their knowledge and spelling skills.

Words Go-Round is priced £0.69 and is available for iPad - Click here to view in the Apple App Store. A free version of the app is also available here.


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