Study finds Older Dads More Likely To Have Kids With Autism

A recently published large study has found that older fathers are more likely to conceive children with autism and a likelihood of a child developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is 13 times greater while the odds of bipolar disorder is 25 times higher for those born to 45-year-old dads compared to fathers at age 24.

One of the study authors, Brian D’Onofrio of Indiana University declared,

“We were shocked by the findings. The specific associations with paternal age were much, much larger than in previous studies.” 

While the findings do not indicate that every child born to an older father will have these problems, they add to a growing body of research indicating that advancing paternal age is associated with increased risk for serious problems. As such, the entire body of research can help to inform individuals in their personal and medical decision-making.”

D’Onofrio and his colleagues say that the link between paternal age and the risk for psychiatric disorders may have to do with an increasing number of genetic mutations in men’s sperm as they age. For those with access, the research is accessible at JAMA Psychiatry Journal.

Original news source, via Disability Scoop (click to view)

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