Book Review: The Perfect SENCO by @NataliePacker


Being given the remit of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) in a school can be an overwhelming task for any individual, with support channels and programmes now in place to ensure teachers understand the legal responsibilities thrust upon the school. Having support, and gaining your won individual knowledge and confidence can be difficult to gain, but “The Perfect SENCO” by Natalie Packer is full of support, guidance and tips for people enlisted in the SENCO role.

With time limitations, SENCOs do not want to be bogged down trying to understand the responsibilities of the role, with this book concisely explaining the process to become as perfect a SENCO as possible. The importance of the role is discussed early on in the book, advocating that the SENCO is centre stage for school improvement, talking through the SEN code of practice; SEN in the OfSTED framework; and the challenges and opportunities for SENCOs in the role.

Packer advocates that SENCOs lead the way, providing strategic direction and development, being well-placed to ensure all pupils in the school progress as best as possible; leading a development of an inclusive culture. Thereafter, chapters focus on providing high-quality SEN provision; tracking and monitoring achievement; supporting teaching colleagues; working with parents; plus self-evaluation and inspection.

This is a handy, up-to-date, practical guide to support current and/or new teachers in the SENCO role. For those wanting to ensure they are up to speed with current legislation, expectations and support, then get this book – it is more focused on the processes rather than specific conditions you may come across.

The Perfect SENCO by Natale Packer is published by Independent Thinking Press, with a price of £9.99. The book is available from Amazon priced £9.69, or via Kindle for £7.29. Click on the Amazon link below.

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