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ifontslogoMany schools using iPads in the classroom regularly use the devices as a presentation tool, asking pupils to produce work within Pages (Word Processor), or Keynote (PowerPoint), with the range of fonts within the app usually being suited for the needs of the task. However, these can be restrictive. iPad App “AnyFont” has been released which comes to the rescue of the font restriction, allowing you to import your favourite font onto an iPad, which works fully within Pages and Keynote. You can use any True TypeFont (.ttf) or Open TypeFont (.otf) and use it on other apps on the iPad.

Using DropBox, we copied & pasted the fonts we wanted into a folder; opened up the folder on DropBox iPad app; asked DropBox to open the font file into AnyApp; and then installed it simply onto the iPad. The process was simple, but can also send the font file via e-mail, iTunes file sharing, or Air Drop.

The core fonts on the iPad will be adequate for many, but “AnyFont” allows a lot more choice in styling, presentation or effect. To us, the main feature of the app is the simplicity in installing the app. Most of the process is automated being done quickly and easily.

Developer Florian Schimanke told UKEdChat, “There are currently no plans for an Android version, as the requirements for android development differ significantly to iOS”. We tried the app with various .ttf and .otf fonts we had to hand, with the results visible below, using Pages and Keynote.

AnyFont is available for iPad/iPhone, priced at £1.49* (Click here to view in the Apple App Store).

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