Session 192: Removal of Standardised Grading: How will you report progress to parents?

-With schools in England told that no longer have to use/report levels, the focus of the discussion was to share and explore ways in which teachers are preparing for this major change.

The session focused with the following questions:

Q1. Do you think levels are a good/bad thing? Has the measure of removing levels caused concern within your school? Why?

Q2. How is your school preparing for life without levels? Is it easier for some subjects compared to others?

Q3. How will you report progress to parents? Did they understand what levels meant anyway?

Q4. How will you identify pupils who are over/underachieving in an area? SEN and statements are going to be ‘fun’ without levels!

Q5. How will pupil achievement be communicated between schs/orgs using different systems? Can we still compare?

Q6. Levels have offered a safety blanket for far too long for teachers / school leaders. It’s time for a change. Discuss.

The discussion around the session appeared to highlight how little action was being taken in (England) schools, as many are waiting to be told what to do..


192 – Removal of Standardised Grading: How will you report progress to parents?



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