Session 193: PE Subject Special

-Co-host, Lesley Dancey, set 6 questions to guide the conversation for this #UKEdChat PE Subject Special:

  • Literacy & numeracy skills impact on all subjects and areas. Can these be developed meaningfully in PE?
  • What is physical literacy and is it an integral part of each nation’s curriculum? What are your views on a Physical Literacy framework?
  • How have you used PE curriculum & or provision to help support or engage learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and close the gap?
  • How are you using emerging technologies to enhance learning in PE?
  • Research shows the gap between girls and boys participation rates widens during their time at school. How are you addressing this?
  • If you had an endless pot of money, in terms of the physical, what would you do to make a difference for our children & young people?

Summary Infographic:


@Mat6453 – #ukedchat definitely, just need to be creative in delivery but ensure the physical aspect remains

@StephTilbury – @ukedchat A1, PE perfect place for students to use sports statistics and write their own match reports,devise coaching sheets etc #ukedchat

@ictlinks – #ukedchat lot of speaking listening skills following/giving instructions in pupil led activities. Counting are obvious in scoring points

@iwilsonysj –  mathematics in PE – measuring distances? also perimeters of courts – interesting problems for the amount of paint #UKedchat

@BlooStripes – @ukedchat #ukedchat its about giving pupils breadth of activities to enjoy life long activities. PE needs to educate this

@LittleL2011 –  @ukedchat PE offers so many opportunities to develop reading, writing, phonics, scrambled sentences through fun physical games #ukedchat

@TheBenHorbury – @ukedchat this sometimes gets forgotten however ofsted state practical lessons should include 90% of actually doing phys activity #ukedchat

@ChrisWaterworth – @passionateaboot Embedding technology into PE, have a read of my blog #ukedchat

@chrishorner1980 – @ukedchat A1: Think we often overlook role of verbal com as literacy. In abundance in PE “can we talk like coaches/physio’s” etc #ukedchat

@EnterpriseSBox – @ukedchat #ukedchat Secondary must look at physiology in detail and probably the technical aspects more, technique, Performance stats etc”

@Jakepryszlak –  @ukedchat Promoting lifelong physical activity and a range of activities, then nurturing those. #ukedchat

EnterpriseSBox “@ukedchat


Filming and analysis.

Timing comparisons.

Performance characteristics v fitness levels. #ukedchat”

@passionateaboot -@LittleL2011 @ukedchat @ChrisWaterworth What would you want as a child? A game? Tailor the game to what they do know & can do #ukedchat

@chrishorner1980 – A4: just priced up projectors, screens & Apple TV in both sportshalls. Mainly so we can vid & AirPlay feedback to kids immediately #ukedchat      

@LittleL2011 – #ukedchat it’s about upskilling teachers. Curriculum PE needs to be holistic and cross curricular. Can coaches achieve this?

@Mat6453 –  #ukedchat using leaders from ks4/5 to support delivery of ks1/2      

@musicandmove #ukedchat As a PE Dance Specialist (primary ). Children respond differently towards external tutors delivering PE,

@iPhysLit – @ukedchat #ukedchat involve them in the planning and delivery of the sessions allow them to take responsibility for their own learning

@EnterpriseSBox – “@ukedchat

I recall Kelly Holmes going into schools after research produced saying 80% ish girls don’t like PE cos of skirts.


@LittleL2011 – @passionateaboot Multiskills approach to ensure teaching of fundamental skills and application. Pupil centred #ukedchat

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Click here to see our feature on how Exampro can help you prepare pupils for their exams.

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