News: Children should be Empowered Online

-One of the UK’s leading child psychologists has said that children should be encouraged to take risks online and there is a moral panic among the middle classes who are demonising social media, imposing strict limits and limiting the natural risk taking that children demonstrate.

Speaking at the True Grit Conference, Professor Tanya Byron claimed that teenagers are failing to build “emotional resilience” to help turn them into responsible digital citizens.

“We are so illiterate when it comes to understanding technology and the importance to young people. We need to empower them and focus on making them emotionally resilient digitally as well as being emotionally resilient in the off-line world.

“There is a moral panic around the internet, but we can set limits, rather than banning certain online activities altogether. We need to accept that kids are going to take risks online so that we can guide them, just as our parents did when we were allowed to ride our bikes until it was time to come home for tea.”

Source: The Times, London. Also at Daily Mail.

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