Class Dojo Updates with Messaging

Class Dojo awardsRow upon row of monsters come into view. Some have horns. Others are squishy. But all of them have green numbers next to them as I show my class their running totals on Class Dojo on the whiteboard. Class Dojo is a behaviour management platform and is an amazing tool that is an instant, visual and free way to keep a record of class points securely online, now available as as a Messaging tool which allows ‘Direct Messages’, meaning one-on-one updates for parents on their childs’ progress, as well as wider ‘broadcast’ messages to groups of parents. The feature has been launched with Android and iOS.

Fundamentally, Class Dojo is based on the Internet and setting up on the site only requires an email address and a few minutes of your time. You can award points for whatever you wish, but the site has a good selection of ideas as default. There are also negative points for things like late homework and calling out, all of which can be customised to suit your needs.

You can update Class Dojo from your mobile phone via your browser or the Apple and Android apps, allowing you to motivate your children when you are moving around your classroom or even when you are out of your classroom altogether. You are able to setup weekly or monthly emails reports to parents showing what points have been awarded and you can also include notes.

Class Dojo 1The site has a collection of cute monster avatars, but you can upload any image you want and you can encourage your class to make their own. Parents and children can setup their own pages to monitor their progress and customise their avatars.

Class Dojo is a superb motivational tool which allows easy, continuous feedback for teachers, parents and children. As it has continued to evolve it has become an essential part of my classroom practical. The children adore it and the parents think the instant and insightful feedback is invaluable. The site continues to develop with new functions being released all the time, but it already boasts many unique features over similar sites. The latest feature is an instant messaging service from within Class Dojo. So parents and teachers can communicate in real time about their child’s progress, breaking down the home/school barrier like never before.


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