Feature: The Annoying Comments Teachers Hear

One of the main gripes for the public, and for teachers, is the perception that educators receive too many holidays, and work only from 9am-3pm, our recent survey has revealed. UKEdChat asked teachers to share the comments that they hear the most, which annoy them. Snide comments still exist, with various responses revealing that the belief with some of the public remains that “those who can’t, teach”. The survey also revealed that teachers are told that they are lazy, receive high pay, and are a bunch of “whingers”.

[pullquote]Most worrying are the sexist comments which are regularly made to female and male teachers.[/pullquote]Most worrying are the sexist comments which are regularly made to female and male teachers, usually being derogatory, patronising and casual. Female teachers revealed that they receive comments about how great it must be being a teacher and a mother; an assumption that they teach ‘the little ones’; or derogatory comments about being a part of the management team. Male teachers, on the other hand, reveal that they are questioned about their motivation for teaching children; as assumption that they got the job because of their sex; or that teaching is a woman’s job. These comments come from teaching colleagues, as well as from the public.

We have grouped the responses from the survey in the InfoGraphic below, or click here to download as an image to save. We are seeking responses to this survey, and will update the article accordingly.

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