EdTech: Pathé Archive; PixiClip; and Bible Geocoding

Here is a round-up of a few free EdTech packages we have explored this week, which may be useful for teachers and students, globally. We explore the vast library of British Pathé, now released online; a useful online interactive whiteboard; and Bible Geocoding, which explores the venues of some of the worlds most notable religious stories.

Pathé Archive:

Click here to visit British Pathé on YouTube

With it’s unparalleled collection of historical events and vast catalogue of changing social activity, British Pathé encompasses one of the world’s most prodigious and fascinating documents of the modern age. This impressive collection is now freely and easily accessible on YouTube, with 85,000 newsreels now being searchable and viewable, equating to 3,500 hours of filmed history.

Useful for: history, visual literacy, Geography.


Click the image to visit PixiClip
Click the image to visit PixiClip

There are a variety of different online whiteboard sites currently available across the web, but PixiClip, whilst currently in beta*, lets you communicate using a webcam or a mic. Just click record and you’re ready to go.
However, if you don’t want to use the webcam or microphone, then you can just dismiss and doodle away. Publishing and sharing is easy, just title your clip and send the link to who you want to share with.

Useful for: Any collaborative or presentation work; flipped learning.

Bible Geocoding:

Click on image to visit Bible Geocoding
Click on image to visit Bible Geocoding

School trips are great, but when sharing the stories from the bible, it is virtually impossible to picture the settings. Now, thanks to Google Earth and the clever people behind this Bible Geocoding site, you can visit the locations, erm, virtually (sorry)! Lovingly indexed into the different books from the Old and New Testaments, you can explore the locations of many of the stories, which many will be familiar with. Overlays also allow you to  to see how maps of ancient and modern Jerusalem fit satellite imagery. This is a great resource to allow students to explore the site where many famous stories took place, and there is the opportunity to create your own tours of different locations within Google Earth.

Useful for: Religious Studies, Geography.

Have you come across some EdTech that is new, supporting the way you teach, and developing how your students learn? Please point us in the right direction, and will consider featuring and sharing with the education community.

*Information correct at the time of publication.

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