Feature: AltSchool Changing the Classroom

An elementary (primary) school start-up in San Francisco has opened, offering pupils a new way of schooling which promises to offer a modern approach to learning, encompassing collaboration, technology and personalisation.

[pullquote]“grades” are confining.[/pullquote]Reported via SFGate and TechCrunch, the school, founded by Max Ventilla, focuses on child-centred education supported by a technology platform. The school is also predicated on the belief that most students vary in skill level in subjects like maths, reading, science, art, physical education and social studies, and “grades” are confining.

altschool2Pupils are given daily, customised “playlists” that serve as a personalised curriculum for each child. AltSchool’s first classroom currently has around 20 students between the ages of 5-10 and are split into two main learning groups, 5-7 year-olds and the 8-10 year-olds. There are generally eight students to one teacher but for some activities the entire group learns together. The actual building has one large room sectioned off into areas for play and learning.

Explore the video below to see the school in action:

Welcome to AltSchool from AltSchool on Vimeo.

The venture plan behind the design of the school has secured $33m from venture capitalists to expand the microschool idea across the USA. Could the idea cross the Atlantic and work within the UK?

Explore the AltSchool website (click here to view).

Images via SFGate and Yelp.

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