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ScreenShot032Writing should be a joyful experience, but the process can be a challenge to teachers, parents and pupils as the art-form is more natural to some individuals than others. Supporting children in the writing process can be a challenge with motivation, support and purpose all key factors. Demonstrating tips and ideas to get children engaged in writing is an essential part of the teaching process, yet finding new ideas to help inspire your pupils is always helpful to re-invigorate the teaching and learning process for all those involved.

Many teachers will be aware of Alan Peat, with his series of books and seminars which support teachers in delivering literacy. The desire to produce something with more collaborative possibilities than his book publications gave Peat the idea to create an app,

“I wanted an app which gave teachers key information about my sentence types and approach to grammar in a format they could access on their iPads and iPhones.”

The app is not a game – it does not challenge you to beat your highest score – it certainly isn’t all bells and whistles (or flying birds), yet what it offers is a bank of ideas and resources to help children create amazing literacy work (See screenshot from the app below). Article continues below.

The app was designed with able infant pupils up to early secondary pupils in mind. In terms of English levels, it’s useful from level 2 – level 6/7, but could also be used in an EAL classroom. We found that the app only works in portrait mode on the iPad, not reacting to the landscape aspect available, but for ideas, support and inspiration, it will prove a very popular app for teachers trying to inspire and support their pupils in the writing process.

Currently priced at £1.49*, ‘Alan Peat’s Exciting Sentences‘ is available from the Apple App Store (Click here to view)

UPDATE: The app is now also available for Android via Google Play priced at £1.49*.

Information about the app:

The app includes an Introduction to the sentence types with THREE sets of examples for each sentence: generic examples; genre-specific examples (both fiction and non-fiction) and Mathew Sullivan’s Introductory language/ Intermediate language/ Higher order examples.

Additionally the App includes a ‘Developmental Continuum’ designed to help schools and parents to understand when (and how!) to best introduce the sentence types – ideal for ‘whole school’ approaches to grammar.

For ease-of-use the app also features a ‘Sentence Grammar Glossary’ using plain English to explain complex grammatical features of sentences, with the useful addition of embedded teaching tips.

Finally the app also allows users to make and save their own personal notes/ lesson plans directly in-app. You can also back them up to Dropbox and email them directly from the app: two handy tools for networks of schools seeking to share ideas and planning!

*Price correct at the time of publication.



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