Feature: Managing Stress in the Classroom

It’s the exam season and it’s getting hot in classrooms up and down the land. Stress is high and tempers are short. Work place stress is a growing concern in all sectors and the education profession is far from immune. Teachers need to maintain a facade even when everything seems to be crashing and burning. This is not easy and support is not always there.

The senior management need to look closely for the signs of fatigue and teacher burn out from professionals who push themselves too hard. There is a great deal of martyrdom in the teaching profession and even more fear of losing face (or worse) from admitting that teaching is a tough job and that most of us are continually playing catch-up. It is a regularly used cliché that there is always more you can do to push your class a little further. But who will push them if you are the ‘working dead’.

This infographic from attask.com explores some of the many guises of people pushed to the limit with workplace stress. Ensure that your school remains free from infection. Use your brains (insert your best zombie voice here!) to reduce workplace stress before it becomes ingrained in the culture of the school.


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