Standing in the Classroom

standing2With reports of a primary school in the UK trialling pupils standing up during lessons, researchers in the USA have been exploring the benefits for some time now.

Mark E. Benden, Associate Professor and Director of the Texas A&M Ergonomics Centre, told UKEdChat,

“We have in fact been doing research on stand-biased classrooms for quite some time now and really got our start with office workers over 10 years ago. As I write this, we are wrapping up a 400 child study in 3 different schools and are beginning a 1000 student study of High School students.

The results continue to be similar. Just like adults, children think better on their feet than on their seat and they also burn more calories. Both are beneficial to the learning process. I have many teachers that have participated in this type of research. I use the desks in my graduate classrooms and and 40 of my colleagues in our building have converted their old seated station to a standing one. I do have one teacher in a local elementary school who has been using the desks for years.”

The research document, authored by Bendon, is available here (pdf).

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