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adsy_in_a_snapThere are an over-abundance of apps currently available, but the thought of creating and developing can be overwhelming as the technical aspects can appear staggering when you are only just starting your coding/programming journey.

Fortunately, the people at have made the process incredibly unpretentious for adults and children, simply by using the browser on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This has got fantastic potential in education, as pupils can easily create their own apps for any purpose whatsoever: revision; a hobby they enjoy; their school-book memories… the creativity opportunities are endless.

Speaking on Medium, founder  Frédérick Tubiermont explained how much of a challenge developing the site was:

“Every single stage of the development was a huge challenge: the import & cropping of pictures at lightning speed using custom-made compression algorithms, the responsiveness of taps, the smoothness of scrolling in the feed, the swiping between pages, calling & hiding the keyboard without breaking the app container, the beauty of transitions, the initial loading speed, the local storage, the upload & retrieval of pictures and plugins, the orientation issues, our magic touch function to create hyperlinks between pages as if you were using a fluo marker, etc etc. What a journey!”

The result of this is an intuitive platform allowing a cross-platform experience. The developers are keen on the educational potential. Tubiermont told UKEdChat:

“I think this could become a very cool creative activity for kids, the missing link between the good old-school pencil & paper method and the wonders of digital interactivity. It’s pretty magical for kids to see their 3-page concepts / stories brought to life as genuine mobile web apps in a few taps.”

To draw the app, click on the image below to download a PDF which, when completed, can be photographed into an app.

We have found that adsy is easy, fast and free, running on a multitude of platforms. Explore the possibilities at and explore the YouTube video below, to show how simple the app creation process is with adsy:

Plus, the video below shows a tutorial of the platform:

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