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UKEdResources - Keeping you in Control of Your Shared Resources

UKEdChat has now launched a facility allowing teachers to share their own resources. UKEdResources is a free service that does not contain complicated terms and conditions, leaving the resources in complete control of the uploader. Utilising cloud-based services to store resources, Google’s Drive is the initial service being used, however DropBox, Box and Amazon cloud services will soon be added. The service is currently in its open BETA and user-friendly testing - the current version of the service is Version 1.0.

We know we still have a lot of work to do and are open to further ideas and suggestions - Please send these to [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does this cost?

The service is free for uploading and downloading.

Surely you have loads of terms and conditions?

No. None. We are aware that uploading resources to other services can mean signing to long-winded terms and conditions which actually gives companies control and/or ownership of your resources. By uploading the resource to your cloud service, the resource stays in your control (although be aware of the terms and conditions from your cloud provider).

You are ‘UK’EdChat - do I need to be in the UK to upload/download resources?

Absolutely not. We are exploring global taxonomies and will develop further over the next few months.

Where is the complicated, long-winded sign-in process?

We don’t have one. We don’t bombard your e-mail inbox with newsletters, although you can sign-up for our weekly digest if you want by clicking here.

How do I know whether the resources are any good?

We will promote resources via the @ukedresources twitter account, sharing a preview of the resource - these will be added to the site as soon as possible for sharing on other social media outlets.

How do I know how many people view/download my resources?

We do not want the downloading service to become a popularity contest, so the number of views/downloads of each resources is up to the contributor. This is easily done by using a URL shortening service such as etc.

What content can be added?

There is no exclusivity but content should be legal, respect copyright regulations with originality and creativity encouraged. For legal reasons, links to websites cannot be accommodated for, therefore we can only accept Google Drive (other services will be allowed soon) links to PDF, Doc, XLS etc. files.

I want to sell my resources? Is this the place?

The idea of this service is to share resources made by educators, for educators. We want to keep this service simple for people adding listings, and for people downloading your resources. If you are a company, and wish to add your materials, we may be able to accommodate you, but your resources should be free, educational and of use to our audience. Please contact [email protected] for more information.