News: Giant Egg Discovery at School causes Night Terrors

A well meaning, and creative project at a school in Essex has caused distress to its young pupils, with parents reporting that their children have been ‘distressed, scared’ and ‘having nightmares’.

Staff at Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School based in Halstead planted a giant egg in the grounds of the school, calling in the “National Museum of Strange Objects in London”, with Investigator in Chief, Dr Violet Strangeways, dispatched to perform a site inspection and then authenticate the discovery.

Although most children were initially excited by the discovery, parents took to social media, reporting the distress this caused some of the young pupils:

One Year 1 (aged 5/6) child is reported as “distressed and scared of what was going to come out of it and also what the mother of the egg would do when she found her egg wasn’t there!”

Another parent commented, “he is scared of his own shadow and has been to sleep earlier but woke up at 9.20pm after having a nightmare!”

The parent of two pupils in the school reported, “As the evening went on they became more worried & distressed………it’s not about the egg being a danger, it’s children’s imagination of what might come out of it!!!!! Both had trouble getting to sleep!”

“Two very upset girls tonight, a heads up would have helped a lot”, concluded another parent.

In response, the school issued a letter to parents via their website:

It has come to our attention that whilst the vast majority of the children at school were excited and engaged by this morning’s ‘discovery’ there are some who have been worried by it. We assure you that this afternoon we held an extra whole school assembly where we made it absolutely clear to everyone that the egg was of no danger to anyone, that it was safe to keep in school, and that we would therefore be able to observe it further tomorrow. We apologise if that message did not come through sufficiently and, as planned, in the follow-up assembly in the morning we will place further emphasis on it being of absolutely no danger whatsoever.

During the course of today the children have produced an enormous amount of high quality work, in a variety of forms, related to the egg and it was great to see them so engaged. Such ‘discoveries’ are quite common in primary schools across the country and are a very successful way of promoting problem solving, teamwork, group discussion and PSHE-related topics. This activity is part of our ‘No Problem’ theme this term.

Although eggs-tremely tempting, out of respect, we removed all the egg-puns that were originally written in this article – quite an egg-sausting process ?

Images via Holy Trinity Primary School.

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  1. In the interest of balance, here are a selection of other online quotes which much better reflect the feedback we have received via e-mail and at the school gate:

    “My son has never been so excited and animated about a school project before. Lots of happy discussions ,theories and ideas around the dinner table last night.”

    “We were a little confused when our great grandchildren Olivia and Lily French told us after school today about an unusual discovery within the school grounds. Having now read Mr Smith’s report we share their excitement about future developments.”

    ​”I​ thought it was a fantastic ‘discovery’ it was lovely to see
    ​M​ax so excited about this mysterious egg and the man from bio hazards! …they try to act so grown up so fast but seeing him it was like having my little boy back for a while … Thank you

    “I think this has been great, both my boys have spoken of nothing else, and have spent some of the evening googling eggs to try and see if they can match it

    “My lot think it’s very eggciting !

    ​​Fantastic idea

    “Thought it was a great idea sons all talk and that was the first thing he told his dad this morning

    “My kids are loving it

    “Fantastic idea, can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Love how the whole school is buzzing and excited about it, seems to have captured a
    ​ ​lot of imaginations!

    ​”Brilliant idea to engage the children.

    What a brill way to get the kids eggsited about a project, bravo Holy Trinity.”​​

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