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Collaborative learning is the buzz in education at the moment, being a main staple in many classroom situations. Pupils supporting each other to help develop learning is seen as a key pedagogical element, but when it comes to homework, students can feel alone, isolated and without the collaborative support not being immediate, it is easy to give up.

Many students will use their devices to: (a) search google; (b) search wikipedia; (c) use social media to moan about the homework, or; (d) do something completely different instead. However, an emerging service from Brainly.com is now presenting another option, by offering social learning network with over 20 million users in over 35 countries to share knowledge, experience and to help each other with problems with homework, difficult subjects and any questions and things they do not understand, as long as it stays close to what they learn at school.

Uniquely, Brainly encourages students to support other pupils in their homework, providing a two-way collaboration and support network.  The infographic below explains the process (article continues below image):


Brainly is targeted at students and consists of a Q&A platform, on which you can get help with understanding school subjects and explain subjects you know well to others. To balance the number of questions and answers and introduce an incentive for users to actually help their fellow students, there is a point system. To ask something, the user has to spend points, which then get awarded to the one answering the question. The community is supported by 300 volunteer moderators, many of which are either teachers or retired teachers, maintain the order in the community.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How old do students need to be to sign up for brainly?

On Brainly.com we welcome all students from 13 to 99 years old. But of course our main group of users is 13 - 18 years old.

How much does the service cost?

We never charge our users for anything. The membership is free, and the only thing the users give, is their contribution to the learning community..

How quick to questions normally get answered?

Most of the answered questions get their answers within minutes. Sometimes of course a difficult question needs some more time and can be further on discussed in the comments and get several options for the final solution.

Jakub Piwnik, PR and Marketing Manager, Brainly.com, told UKEdChat; “We recognise the importance of the traditional ways of learning, but students have helped each other since the beginnings of education. Our vision is to see students all over the world benefiting from social learning and actively participating in the online learning communities. Brainly gives them an opportunity to collaborate no matter where they come from, what school they go to or what is their background. This would never be possible offline.”

Click here to visit Brainly.com

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