News: Make that a Double Espresso

Schools across England are opening up coffee bars in their settings, allowing pupils to buy branded drinks such as Costa Coffee.

The schools involved are mainly newly formed academies, where they are allowed to create their own rules, therefore allowing franchisees to open up services within the school. Many coffee retailing franchises are opening up in sixth form colleges, however there are quite a few opening up in schools, allowing secondary aged pupils to buy drinks during school time.

Only a few years ago schools were banning vending machines that sold sugary drinks and snacks, with tuck shops being urged to stock healthier foods.

People have been in touch with UKEdChat concerned that this is a worrying trend in schools, but a Costa Coffee spokesperson told us,

There are a number of distribution points where our partners serve Costa coffee as part of their catering offer alongside other well-known drinks and snacks. These are predominantly places like leisure venues, hotels, offices, schools, colleges and universities.

In line with the demand for great quality products in schools, colleges and universities, we have seen an increase in the number of catering companies taking out Costa Proud to Serve partnerships to allow them to serve Costa products through their contract catering offer, often replacing an existing hot beverage provider.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the caterer and school to monitor the purchase of products from the catering outlets on their sites.


What do you think, as a teacher? Can you see any positives or negatives of allowing such retailers into schools?

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