Session 208: Design & Technology Subject Special

-Date: Thursday 26th June 2014

Design and Technology (D&T) covers various skills and crafts across all sectors of education, so in celebration of such design thinking and creativity, the UKEdChat Design and Technology Subject Special asked these questions:

  1. What is your favourite D&T activity? Showcase if possible.
  2. Complete this sentence: “D&T should be given more curriculum priority because…
  3. What are the key skills for mastering a D&T piece of work?
  4. Design thinking can be applied in all subject areas. Give examples where this has worked in your practice.
  5. What iPad/Android/Chrome Edu Apps can you/do you use to support the design process?
  6. How is it possible for primary/secondary colleagues to share best practices within the D&T subjects?


The Storify/summary from the session is below:

Summary InfoGraphic from the Session:
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