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The new Resources service from UKEdChat is proving very popular, as the service keeps control and authorship rights in the hand of the creator. Introduced by: Martin Burrett this article from the June 2014 Edition of UKEdMagazine explains how simple the sharing process is with this new free service.

[pullquote]Teachers are often shy about the resources they make…[/pullquote]

It’s finished. I run giddily to the printer and jump from foot to foot, impatient to see the results of my hours of toil and creativity, thinking wistfully about the learning that will soon ensue from a thing that I have made.

Creating or discovering the perfect resource is often a gleeful experience for a teacher. Whether it is a simply maths worksheet or a complex self-assembly template of the Tower of London, each resource that we make is special and reflects a part of ourselves. Yet teachers are often shy about the resources they make and they are squirreled away in a locked cupboard or an overused hard drive.

But I hope this is about to change and that the teaching profession will benefit from our collective expertise and resourcefulness. It’s time to put modesty aside and share the wonderful resources you make with UKEdChat’s Resources – an open access areas, free from logins and passwords, where the educational community can share their homemade teaching materials with others and reclaim hours of reinventing wheels.

There are a number of sites where you can share resources, but UKEdResources is a little different. Unlike some resource sharing services, you retain control of your resources and we do not ask you to relinquish ownership of your materials. In fact, your resources are not uploaded to our site at all. Instead, you to add them to an online storage service like Google Drive, DropBox or your school server and we catalogue the link for other educators to use. This means that you can edit your materials as you wish and removing them is as simple as deleting the file in your cloud storage service.

So add your resources to the UKEdResources listings and continue the sharing, collaborative ethos that UKEdChat was built on.

Click here to visit the UKEdResources pages to start exploring and sharing resources.

Author: Martin Burrett | Images: Various resources already shared to UKEdResources.

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