Review: LEGO Resource Supports Early Literacy

Teachers who work in the Early Years of education will know how vital playing with LEGO® can be for young children, who are able to create complex and imaginative worlds with the small plastic blocks, figures and other accessories available.

Along with Pearson, LEGO® Education have now combined the opportunity to enhance language learning with a fantastic resource consisting of familiar DUPLO® block, characters, scene background, and activity ideas for early years practitioners. The integrated solution, which is available throughout the UK, is designed for use with children in Key Stage 1 who may have started school with delayed or underdeveloped language skills.

The Language Booster kit includes:

  • LEGO Education StoryTales, an engaging and easily managed LEGO® DUPLO® brick set that promotes creativity and the imaginative telling and retelling of stories. This set has been designed to teach the principles of storytelling and to help with language development. It can be used in many areas of the curriculum (Story continues below image).


  • The Wordsmith Language Booster lesson plans, written specifically for this package. This provides 10-weeks of core instruction with 20 detailed online lesson plans, plus additional resources, designed for teachers or teaching assistants to use with small groups of children. These resources help with: Vocabulary development; Oral language (saying sentences); Storytelling and structuring, and; Listening skills.


We know the value and place that LEGO® has in settings across the educational spectrum (even teenagers enjoy being given permission to ‘play’ with LEGO® every now and then – we’re all children at heart!), and this combination of the popular toy along with comprehensive and well planned lesson banks are going to prove popular to teachers and practitioners who want to support language development with children. The scene cards provide a great backdrop for imaginative play and talk (click here to view a PDF example); and the StoryTales cards provide prompts and ideas for adults working closely with children (Click here to view a PDF example) being available in a multitude of languages.

The Wordsmith resource, from Pearson, supports and compliments the DUPLO® set brilliantly, yet is a fantastic resource for literacy development across the school. The Language Booster Unit offers 20 sessions with ideas and activities to support language development with the children’s creativity.

For more information about this great resource, visit LEGO® Education website by clicking here.

Additional information provided by LEGO Education | Images: UKEdChat & LEGO

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