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Feature: How One School Turned Minecraft into STEAM

Teachers at a Primary School in Northamptonshire England have showcased the work of their pupils when the whole school embraced on a Minecraft inspired project called ‘Bridgecraft’. The cross curriculum project became a whole-school theme at Bridgewater Primary School, with pupils re-creating a real new world for the Minecraft character (Steve) whose world had earlier been destroyed.

The cross curriculum element is explained by teacher Stacey Ramm:

“I’d been doing some training with the University of Northampton in an area called STEAM, which stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths - so we felt we’d be looking at those subjects with something that the children had been trying to teach me about - Minecraft. So we wanted to see how we could incorporate something that the children were already engaged with and hijack it for learning in school.”

The school have created a video (see below) which showcases the success of the project - possibly being an inspiration for others - and was supported by their own Bridgecraft Blog, which further highlights some of the work completed during the focus.

Story Source: Kathryn Pennington | Video: YouTube