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AugustApps200As we recently reported, poor implementation of technology in schools can be costly. Laptops permanently broken, iPads stored for long periods of time without being used, and technology being used as a means of reward rather than proper use…we could continue.

One problem with poor implementation is that teachers do not have the support, confidence or adequate training in how to use the technology. Whilst many teachers are currently on their summer break (in the northern hemisphere) and thinking about returning to work, we are going to look at apps which can have a real impact for learning.

Each day in August (2014), we will highlight an app or computer programme that can support the teaching and learning process in a variety of subject areas, for a variety of learning stages. Some apps are already listed on our EduApps pages (for iPad or Android), whereas others will be new additions which we have come across recently.

We will update this page also daily, to alert you of the review which has been completed:

  1. Teach Your Monster to Read – (Click here to view).
  2. Maps.Me – Offline Maps for Tablets or Phones – (Click here to view).
  3. Book Creator App for iPad or Android Tablet – (Click here to view).
  4. SpeedReader App for iPad/iPhone (Android soon) – (Click here to view).
  5. Brickapic – Turn a Picture LEGO® brick mosaic! – (Click here to view).
  6. Starship Traveller Adventure Book – (Click here to view).
  7. DragonBox Elements (A Geometry Maths Game) – (Click here to view).
  8. Star Walk™ Astronomy Guide – (Click here to view).
  9. colAR Mix App for iPad/Android – (Click here to view).
  10. Green Screen with DoInk for iPad – (Click here to view).
  11. Pixlr Express Photo Editor for iPad, Android & Web – (Click here to view).
  12. BossJock Studio for iPad – An Amazing Podcasting App – (Click here to view).
  13. Halftone 2 – Comic Book Creator for iPad – (Click here to view).
  14. OcenAudio for Windows, Mac, or Linux – (Click here to view).
  15. Scratch Junior for iPad – (Click here to view).
  16. Minecraft for Android or iPad – (Click here to view).
  17. Slice Fractions for iPad and Android – (Click here to view).
  18. 5puzzle for iPad – (Click here to view).
  19. Feltboard for iPad – (Click here to view).
  20. The Room (and The Room 2) for iPad and Android – (Click here to view).
  21. Stick Pick for iPad or Android – (Click here to view).
  22. Socrative Feedback for iPad, Android or web – (Click here to view).
  23. Truss Me! For iPad – (Click here to view).
  24. Squeebles, Maths & Spelling Apps for Android or iPad – (Click here to view).
  25. The First World War Story for iPad – (Click here to view).
  26. Quick Maths+, Quick Fractions & Quick Clocks for iPad – (Click here to view).
  27. AirPano Travel Book for iPad – (Click here to view).
  28. SeatCharter for iPad – (Click here to view).
  29. Hat Monkey for iPad – (Click here to view).
  30. ChatterPix Kids for iPad – (Click here to view).
  31. A Comparison of Office Suites for Tablets – (Click here to view).

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