EduApp: SpeedReader for iPad (and Android soon)

SpeedRead1With all the information which is now at our finger tips, it can often seem overwhelming to catch up with your reading list due to the volume. We have explored techniques on speed reading online before, but a recent addition to the Apple App Store keeps the process simple, with a promise of release on Android and a browser plug-in to follow soon*.

SpeedRead3Speed Reader works by flashing one word one at a time and keeping your text focused around an optimal reading point in each word. Although the app connects to Pocket, you are also able to copy and paste your text into the app, select your reading speed, and allow the app to scroll through the text at a pace you are comfortable with. It is also possible to copy/paste a URL link and the app will fetch the text for you. The minimum speed for reading within this app is 100 words per minute, but can be increased to a blistering 950 words per minute – I’m currently coping with 250 words per minute. The app currently only works in portrait mode.

We are not advocating this app to necessarily be used with students, although some older and proficient readers may find the app useful – especially if they have a lot of text to read through, such as college or university students – but with all the blogs, news, and professional development articles now online for teachers, this app may be useful for consuming all that information in a practical and efficient way.

Oh, did we mention? The app is FREE* containing no annoying advertising or other distractions. Speed Reader App is currently available for iPhone and iPad – click on the store icon below to view in the Apple App Store.

*Information correct at time of publication.

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