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DB Elements Cover Shot 2 400x400Any game that is cleverly disguised as a maths challenge can only be good – with DragonBox Elements being one such game that helps children get to grips with geometric shapes and real mathematical properties.

Through playing, you encounter triangles, quadrilaterals, circles and a whole world or relationships between lengths, angles, and parallel lines. The mission in each puzzle of DragonBox Elements is to find creatures and help them regain their full powers. As these creatures and their powers are mathematical concepts, you are actually identifying shapes and demonstrating their properties, using Euclidean proofs, all this without even realizing you’re doing geometry!

DragonBox Elements screen3For example, a young player that must find a three-sided creature with two horns (isoceles triangle) will need to find three dots that can be linked to form the right creature (triangle), see that this creature is in a circle that allows to show that two of its sides are of the same colour (meaning length) as they are both rays of the circle, and that this creature is therefore a three-sided creature (triangle) with two horns (isosceles).

By changing the way mathematics are expressed and manipulated, DragonBox Elements allows players to get good at geometry by simply having fun and playing with puzzles and endearing creatures. Thanks to this innovative approach, it is easy for players to gain confidence and to understand the logic of geometry.

DragonBox Elements takes its inspiration from “Elements”, one of the most important works in the history of mathematics. Written by Greek mathematician Euclid, Elements describes the bases of Geometry by using a unique and coherent logical system. Its 13 volumes have been a reference for 23 centuries and DragonBox Elements allows its players to master, in just a few hours, its essential theorems and axioms.

This game is suitable for children from age 8, and is an excellent introduction to geometric concepts. The exploration of the properties of geometric shapes through Euclidean proof allows players to improve their logical reasoning abilities, and to gain a deep understanding of the foundations of geometry.

The early stages of the game can seem very simple, but the game lures you into a progressively more difficult journey as each of the levels becomes more of a challenge. To get an idea of the game, and the concepts it secretly teaches, explore the video below. We think that the intuitive thought and design that has gone into building this education app is inspired. Teaching and learning geometric terms and units can be a challenge, but DragonBox Elements is certainly worth exploring to help children embed an understanding many properties within geometry.

DragonBox Elements is currently priced £3.99*, being available for Andoroid or iPad. Click on the App Stores below to view..




*Price correct at time of publication.

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