UKEdMag: August 2014 Issue 08

The latest edition of UKEdMagazine is now available (online) with another fantastic mix of contributions, articles and reviews. This is the last month when the magazine will be only available online. From September, due to demand, you can also get a free printed copy of the magazine by subscribing (you only need to pay P&P). Click here to see details to subscribe.

As many schools in the Northern Hemisphere are due to return back to school following the summer break, this issue focuses on the new school year with advice, tips and ideas on how to be well-prepared.

This issue has a ‘start the year off right’ theme and it is full of tips, tricks and ideas for making your year start, and hopefully continue, with a bang.

  • Catherine Steel tackles the theme head on and discusses ideas for our classroom in the coming year.
  • Ed Whittaker discusses thinks to consider when starting the encourage students to bring their own devices to school to use in lessons.
  • Adam Lawrence writes about the thousand of people who have switch from other careers to teaching.
  • Andy Knill has made his own move to another school and he offers advice for other teacher who are also moving on.
  • Martin Burrett writes a beginners guide to using more technology, both directly and indirectly, into your teaching.
  • On page 13 we look at a enchanting book for young readers with links to World War One and on page 20 we review the wonderful book Playground Duty  by Ned Manning.
  • In our UKEdChat feature we explore the many ways schools are using Minecraft across the curriculum to learn and engage.
  • Lesley Munro writes about how she and her school have developed questions and projects to move this historical learning forward.
  • A range of writers offer advice for newly appointed subject coordinators and heads of department to ensure a productive and successful beginning.
  • Matt Roberts shares his observations that differentiation may not always be productive and he explores alternatives on page 26.
  • In our final two articles Richard Rowland shares his up coming adventure around the coast of the UK, while Stuart Dyer tells us about an adventure through literature and Book Week at his school.

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