Survey Revealing Level of ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance on Teaching Tweets

Initial findings from the UKEdChat Teacher Survey exploring how teachers are using Twitter to support their Professional Development is revealing that 16% of those who have answered have their interactions monitored by Senior Leaders at their schools.

It is claimed that such ‘Big Brother’ attitude is justified by those doing the monitoring that they need to protect individual or school reputations; that teachers should act responsibly 24/7 inside and outside of school; or are so fixed on the accountability agenda that they take surveillance to a new, paranoid level.

The survey is also revealing that only 30% of school leaders understand the benefits of promoting Twitter as a means of enhancing professional development. Many have reported that there are countless leaders out in education whose mind-set is set back in a time when training was set for teachers, and not understanding the personalised benefits of a PLN.

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