Resource: Reflection Questions for a Friday


  1. What was the most enjoyable lesson you taught this week?
  2. How many enjoyable lessons were taught this week?
  3. How many lessons did I struggle with this week?
  4. How would you describe your impact on others you work with, your pupils, and those whom you came into contact with this week?
  5. Is this the type of impact you wanted?
  6. If not, what prompted a change in desired impact?
  7. What challenged you this week?
  8. Did you get bored teaching something this week?
  9. What were your biggest and most exciting challenges this past week?
  10. How confident did you feel this week?
  11. Did you have any negative mental chat about yourself?
  12. Are you practicing actively believing that you can achieve whatever it is you have set your sights on?
  13. Are you committed to having pleasure and groundbreaking results at work?
  14. What disruptions came up this week that prevented you from getting the most out of your job?
  15. How can you avoid that over the next few weeks?


Idea developed for educators from original article via The Muse.


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