Book Review: The Perfect Further Education Lesson by Jackie Rossa

The gulf between secondary school and further education experiences can be quite a shock to students, with less formality, more flexibility, and more concentration of subjects. The mix of courses available in Further Education (FE), where students are typically aged 16-18, ranges from the academic through to vocational courses, all offering students a platform to launch their careers, or continue their studies at university.

The challenges that face tutors can mirror those which colleagues situated in state schools, in so much that inspections and observations are common place; improving results trends are expected; and facing students who are now required to stay in education whether they like it or not (many countries now require that students remain studying until the age of 18).

Staff in further education can feel isolated, with different rules and expectations imposed on their teaching, but Jackie Rossa comes to the rescue in her book “The Perfect Further Education Lesson” which provides a wealth of advice on how to keep students focused and on track in their subjects. Chapters include: Planning a Brilliant FE Lesson; Engaging Learners from the Beginning; Behaviour for Learning; Ensuring Students Make Progress Every Lesson; Collaborative Learning, and; Feedback and Marking.

Some of the ideas within the chapters sound obvious, but working with students who are on the verge of adulthood, there are certain subtle differences that need to be adopted to allow them to gain a sense of responsibility. At this level, many have freely chosen their subjects, so Rossa provides support in helping teachers maintain their focus on what really matters, so they can continue to make that important positive difference to the lives of so many learners.

This is a great book for Further Education staff for sharing ideas, tips and strategies for working with such enthusiastic young adults. Many strategies will be familiar to school colleagues, but with the subtle differences in teaching and learning at this important level of education ideas need to be adapted to inspire and encourage learners. This book does that, and although many may feel that they are working within exam factories – focusing on and churning out results – the strategies and ideas within will inspire to develop teaching and learning styles.

The Perfect Further Education Lesson by Jackie Rossa (Edited by Jackie Beere) is published by Independent Thinking Press, with a RRP of £9.99*, and available from Amazon from the link/image below

* Price correct at the time of publication

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