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A fantastically practical blog created by Michelle, exploring planning, ideas and challenges that can be faced working in the early years. Currently training to be a primary teacher, the site is continually updated, and are sure that the continued experiences will make this a valuable blog for colleagues to dip into as this transition continues.

A great little blog created by @beckmakesthings sharing ideas and pictures from a preschool setting, complimented by the thinking which has gone into why activities are set up for the children. We love the ‘idea of the day’ and the ‘story stones’, but this site offers a great mix of everyday experiences which are positively impacting on the lives of the children who attend.

This is a treasure trove of a site, organised by the very talented Maggy Woodley. The site is crammed full of art activities, perfectly pitched for EYFS practitioners and children. Just look at the Christmas ideas in the image below. Explore and be inspired.

This UK Nursery won the Nursery of the Year award in 2009/2010, and is inspired by the much admired Emilia Reggio approach to schooling. The site shares children’s work, plus it’s good to see how other settings work, especially as they are a Forest School as well. Follow Reflections Nursery on Twitter.

Created by a play advocate, this site created by Tim Gill reminds us of the importance of play, and how to think about how opportunities can be enhanced to ensure play remains an everyday priority (in all our lives!).

A lovely diary/blog created by Rachel McClary which discusses all aspects of early education, play and related topics. Insightful posts explore issues such as: what the role of the adult is in the early years setting; advice for teachers who look after very young children; and the very important issue of why children draw belly buttons in their pictures 🙂 The blog is also blessed with images from Rachel’s practice which make exploring her site a real pleasure.

  • Sara Stanley – Philosophy at

This blog, by Sara,  examines the important area of philosophy, encouraging teachers and children to think about actions, behaviours and activities which help children think a little more deeply. One such activity idea asks, “What should Little Red Riding Hood have put in her basket?” which would make for a fabulous circle-time discussion activity. Follow up questions are also suggested to enhance thinking.

  • Stimulating Learning at

A brilliant set of ideas and resource ideas by Rachel (although we are confused by the Twitter name), but includes real examples of activities being used in the classroom – the melted crayon art is truly awesome.

Not so much of a blog, but certainly a resource pointing to many of the publications written by Sue, who is well respected among educators in the UK for her approach to positive behaviour approaches.

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  1. I believe in the intrinsic need to give childhood to children in as many ways as possible. I am an educator,an educational activist, a teaching expert and a parenting guru. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you.

  2. This is an awesome list. Thank you for putting it together 🙂

    I am an early years teacher and often suggest learning ideas or crafts inspired by the books that I recommend on my blog, Story Snug.

  3. Hi there, myself and some fellow early years level 5 students have created a blog on forest school. Please could it be added and feel free to leave comments, thanks

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