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I have always really enjoyed TV and film, but not just any TV or Film, I am really into Sci Fi and Crime based Shows such as Criminal Minds, Haven, Sleepy Hollow and Person of Interest. Film wise anything goes really from the really bad to the big blockbusters.

As a teacher I have tried to bring this passion for ‘random’ TV and film into school, both in lessons and as an extracurricular club. The use of film and TV in lesson is a great way to demonstrate some of the more abstract concepts we are teaching. For example, I used an episode of a TV show called Blood Ties in order to show the difference between the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego to Year 13 psychology students who were struggling with it. They are also great as discussion starters - I have used films such as Never Let Me Go and The Island to discuss cloning with my PSHE class and the show CyberBully as a way of showing the impact of online bullying. TV is easier for lessons as programmes are usually only 40 minutes long, but either way the students really engage with this stimulus material.

By: @hecticteacher - Teacher of Various Subjects, Norfolk - first published in October 2014 UKEdMagazine. Click here to view.

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