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I recently read a post on Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer blog ( entitled, ‘What the Kardashians taught me about reading’. In it, the author suggests that we should learn from this family’s technique of marketing themselves and, as educators, “brand ourselves as readers just as carefully so our students have that vision to aspire to”. As a passionate reader and teacher of English, this rang true. I read to share and to create a personal minilibrary in my classroom comprised of books that my learners may borrow during our silent reading time – which we start every lesson with.

They also keep a reading journal and talk and write about their reading regularly. My goal this year is to read 100 books and I decided to set my readers a challenge to read and review at least one book per month. Many will exceed this, but I know many jump around and never actually complete a book. After each of the books my learners read, they are required to blog or vlog a review. For each, I will generate a QR code, which will be stuck into the book for the community to scan and enjoy. Peer reviews are so much more meaningful to teenagers, and I hope that sharing and reading them will help encourage a culture of reading that extends beyond my classroom walls.

@MrsHollyEnglish – Project Manager, Global Youth Debates, Qatar

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