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Although we are all very unique and have our own quirky little ways, the main functions of our bodies are mainly similar. The joys and functions of how our bodies work have been beautifully packaged together in a series on apps for iPad, which look at the Miracle of Life (the conception process), Energy for Life (how our bodies work), and Experience Life (the nervous system and our senses).


Designed with a primary (and lower secondary) aged audience in mind, each app explores the functions of our body in an interactive, engaging and informative way:

The Miracle of Life – (£1.99* – Click here to view in the Apple App Store)

This app carefully and sensitively explores the human reproduction process in a informative manner, explaining the secrets of fertilisation, gestation, and human growth.

Experience Life (£1.99* – Click here to view in the Apple App Store)

Through the nervous system’s response to external stimuli, this app helps explain how we relate to other living beings and to our surroundings. Our senses receive stimuli; the nervous system processes the information and responds in the most appropriate manner; then, the musculoskeletal system implements the action.

Energy for Life (£1.99* – Click here to view in the Apple App Store)

We get the energy necessary to live, the materials necessary for tissue construction and regeneration, and the substances which regulate the body’s internal reactions through the role of nutrition. Functions carried out in the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, explaining the functions of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, and the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM in an enjoyable and entertaining way.

*Prices correct at time of publication.

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