EduApp: iVisualiser for iPad by @AlanPeat

Turn your iPad into a Portable Classroom Visualiser

iVisualiser for iPad




Ease of Use









  • A portable visualiser.
  • Allows annotations.
  • Versitile.
  • Laser Pointer.


  • Needs compatable products to display on other screens.
  • Only available for iPad.

Teachers who use visualisers in their classroom love how this simple form of technology can really help the teaching and learning process as they are able to quickly showcase pupils work, or easily demonstrate a main teaching point, in a more relaxed way of teaching. One main problem though can be the accessibility of visualisers as the high price usually means sharing the technology among your colleagues. Although it’s really nice to share, the odds are that someone else will be using the shared visualiser when you really need to show something to your class, NOW!

This is where Alan Peat‘s iVisualiser app comes into its own. Built exclusively for iPad, iVisualiser uses two distinct modes to enable you to share ideas or work (…or just about anything you can take a photo of) and display these on a large screen such as a whiteboard. Clearly, you do need Apple TV or any third-party mirroring software (such as Reflector, which also allows you to AirPlay to Android devices!) to be able to do this.

The two modes are:


Visualiser creates a live video feed of your document or image allowing you to annotate freely around screen with a variety of colours and line thicknesses. You can record a video of the screen as you annotate and record a live commentary at the same time – this automatically saves to camera roll for playback and/or review at a later point.

A Laser Pointer tool enables highlighting without drawing, and the Freeze tool pauses the screen at any point – you can even do this whilst recording video. Zoom in or out on any document or image or take a screenshot of your annotations which then automatically save to the camera roll.


Use the Annotator to annotate an image (either from your camera roll or taken in-app using your device’s camera). Take a screenshot of your annotations, clear them OR pass them to someone else to add their ideas. Original photos taken within the app are automatically saved to your camera roll for use again later. You can even choose to save the photos once multiple annotations have been completed OR at any point within the annotation process – the ultimate in flexible usage!

Traditional visualiers are usually fixed at the front of the classroom, but iVisualiser allows for greater portability around your classroom, allowing for greater flexibility and instant sharing, without having to disrupt pupils too much if they are engaged within a piece of work.

iVisualiser for iPad is currently priced at £2.99* and available from the Apple App Store.

*Price correct at time of publication.

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