Resource: Dyslexie Font helpful for People With Dyslexia


Dutch designer (and dyslexic) Christian Boer has created a typeface with subtle tweaks to the letterforms that increase their readability for people with dyslexia. Boer explains, “Dyslexics tend to mirror and rotate letters as they read, which makes reading very difficult. Many common typefaces aggravate this problem by having very uniform letterforms–for instance “b” and “d” may appear as mirror images of one another.”

The characters in the Dyslexie typeface have a slight cursive slant and slightly varied vertical elements and openings to prevent similar letters from being confused. Heavier bases help visually anchor the letters so dyslexics are less likely to rotate them.

The font is free for home use, and only 89 Euros for educational use. Click here for more information and download.

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