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The Christmas staff get-together – A chance to unwind with your colleagues and celebrate the nearing of the festive season by getting out of school, and then continuing to talk about school for the majority of the evening as if you were still in the staffroom!

But this year you and your colleagues may have something different to talk about. 2Simple are giving schools a chance to win £500 towards their staff party, plus a range of other runner-up prizes. To enter, just register for a trial of 2Simple’s award winning software which is reviewed below – See https://www.2simple.com/2BuildaProfile-Festive-Competition for further details and to register.


2Build a Profile – https://www.2simple.com/2build-profile2bapeyfs9

This multi-award winning software is specifically designed for primary school and Early Years to build a portfolio of evidence in a easy, hassle-free way while you, and your pupils, are on the go via Apple and Android apps. There is also an online management suite, allowing you to access data from your web browser.

As a mobile/tablet app, you can capture those spontaneous moments of learning, as well as those that are planned. The record is housed privately and securely on the Internet, so it is backed up, safe and ready for when the inspectorate come to call, saving you money on printing. It also links to your MIS, which means that pupil data is kept up to date.

The app is designed  and up to date to cover each area of the UK’s Primary and Early Years curriculum.

2Build a Profile won a 2014 BETT award and it has been nominated for another two awards at the show this year. The platform is trusted and used by 30,000 educators every day. Start building your profiles here.


2BAPStill12EngageParents – https://www.2simple.com/2engage-parents

This is an add-on package for 2Build a Profile with a range of additional features to help engage parents and keep them up to data with their child’s progress.

The teacher can send out observations via email at the click of a button and parents can respond with feedback, which can be stored with the child’s record. The observations can be customised by the school and all the parent needs is an email address, so their is no need to set up additional accounts and passwords.

Incomplete or unsuitable observations can be omitted from parents’ report, so you are in complete control of what you send out.


2Reward – https://www.2simple.com/2reward

Celebrating a child’s good behaviour choices is one of the great joys of being a teacher. 2Reward allows a school to take this the the next level. Staff capture observations on a tablet or mobile device and tag them against their own set of ‘Golden Rules’.

Children are put into groups and each act of good behaviour earns a group point. You can view a group‘s progress via the ‘Behaviour Live’ page. This lets you display behaviour bubbles throughout the school so anyone can see what the points were awarded for, so they can be celebrated publicly in class or in assemblies.

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