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PhilHome Full Version EnglishThe Archimedes’ Principle, Franklin’s Electricity, The Doppler Effect, Mendel’s Law, Newton’s Gravity, and Maxwell and the Primary Colours are all important scientific ideas which shaped the way we look at scientific concepts, being as important today as they were at time of discovery.

Recently launched for Android or iPad, the Classic Experiments in Science History app explores theories which are explained looking at how scientific knowledge has evolved since ancient ages until the point that experiment transformed previous assumptions.

The initial experiments include:

  • Newton’s Gravity: Cannonball
  • Archimedes’ Principle: Floating bodies
  • Maxwell’s Colours: Coloured discs
  • Mendel’s Laws: Garden peas
  • Franklin’s Electricity: Lightning bells
  • ?The Doppler Effect: Trumpeters on a train

This interactive and informative collection of historical science experiments is aimed at secondary school students and science lovers of all ages, with engaging animations featuring the most famous scientists ever lived, including an entertaining biography section for each one.

Launched at £1.99, Classic Experiments in Science History is now available for iPad or Android by clicking the links above, and worth exploration for all those with an interest in science.

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