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The most popular resources found on Twitter which teachers implement in their classrooms…

In our survey, we asked teachers to tell us about resources that they found on Twitter which they then implemented in the classroom. Here are 25 of the most commonly shared ideas:

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  1. FiSH Feedback – Educators love acronyms, and here is the first in our list. This feedback method encourages teachers and pupils to ensure their critique is Friendly, Specific, Helpful. The ‘I’?
  2. Genius Hour – Inspired by Google’s 20% project, genius hour allows pupils to follow a passion of theirs without any marking, assessment or grading. Just encourage your students to learn or explore something they love. See this ukedchat session which discussed the concept.
  3. Mindsets – A concept introduced by Carol Dweck who explains why it’s not just our abilities and talent that bring us success – but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. Some colleagues may benefit from reading the ideas behind the theory.
  4. Slow Writing – A fantastic idea that can re-vigour the writing process, developed by David Didau in his “The Secret of Literacy Book“, and also his blog (click here), the concept challenges pupils to follow explicit instructions on how to write a text sentence by sentence.
  5. Flipped Learning – Can be interpreted as flipping the classroom open – providing links to prior learning so development takes priority. Technology can play a role, in providing links or videos so students can get to grips with learning concepts before the formal teaching – perhaps! See this ukedchat session which explored the idea.
  6. Educational Policy and Curriculum Developments – With curriculum changes seemingly happening every year, in every country – Twitter is a great place to see how teaching colleagues are coping with these changes, helping keep on top of the changes as they are implemented.
  7. Extension Task Cards – One of the most popular resources on UKEdResources (via @misstait_85), these cards/extension ideas are ideal for those pupils who finish their work early, allowing for learning to continue and extending ideas. Click here to view/download the freely available resource.
  8. Shared Planning Ideas – Planning a new topic or sequence of lessons from scratch? The chances are, there will be another teacher somewhere else doing exactly the same. Our survey revealed that teachers found collaborative sharing of planning ideas to be inspirational, creative and take the teaching & learning sequence beyond the initial expectations – positively.
  9. TeachMeets – An opportunity for teachers to get together an informally share ideas and pedagogy that works in their classroom. No tech required. Presentations are 2 or 7 minutes long and beware of the camel. See the Teachmeet website for a list of upcoming events globally.
  10. Takeaway Homework – A homework menu which encourages children to become independent learners and take responsibility for choosing their own homework from a selection of dishes on a menu.
  11. 5-Minute Lesson Plan – Showcased by @TeacherToolkit, this resource helps cut down the time taken planning, ensuring most aspects of lesson planning are covered.
  12. Blooms Taxonomy –  Refers to a classification of the different learning objectives that educators set for pupils.

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  1. So, so useful to be able to come back to remind yourself of what you read about without scrolling through twitter. Love the non-judgmental, non-sycophantic, mainly informative tone. No hero-worship here, just sensible stuff. Thanks again.

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